Essential Oils and your Nervous system

Essential Oils and your Nervous system
If your brain is the manager of your nervous system, and your spinal cord is like a messenger superhighway between your brain and your peripheral nerves, then roadblocks and traffic jams can clog things up.  

Even prior to last summer when my middle son began having seizures and then had brain surgery to remove a golf ball size tumor, we had been studying the brain in our homeschool and it is fascinating! But so complex.  Then we got more than a little intense when it became oh so personal and his brain was all of our focus.  I have a great deal of respect for the surgeons who understood how to remove that tumor safely, though we were warned of some dire outcomes that did not come to pass, praise God!

In learning more about essential oils I have found that the aroma reaches the brain very quickly, and whereas I used to think of diffusing as being the least effective method of use, then topical, and lastly ingestion in that order, I have learned to embrace diffusing (aromatic use) as the olfactory pathway is the quickest route to the brain! Surprise! So to keep our highway messenger traffic flowing my plan is diffuse, diffuse, diffuse essential oils.  
If you have already gotten an essential oil Starter Kit (a great value by the way!) you have already received two of the best essential oils to support your nervous system, lavender, and (my fave) frankincense.  

Each of these has historically been used effectively and extensively for multiple purposes.  

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Happy Oiling!

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