Podcast Episode 8 | Legacy Ladies Know Their 5 Major Investments

Podcast Episode 8 | Legacy Ladies Know Their 5 Major Investments

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Investment Assessment

"Know Your Investments" is my Guidepost #4 to help you travel in alignment with your beliefs, values and vision for your personal Legacy Lane in life.

It’s important to take time to step back and see if all of your investments are in alignment with who you are and where you are going in life.  (Or should I say who you choose to be and where you choose to go - - the choices are yours).  

Take a look at your investments financially and otherwise.  

Financial Assessment

You may say you don’t have any financial investments . . . but look again.  

Even if you aren’t an investor per se, how are you investing what you have? 

Can you cut back on spending in one area to start building an emergency fund or pay off a debt?  

Can you reallocate payments or restructure a debt so that you are paying less interest?  

For example, if you choose to be a generous giver, in what ways are you making that happen?

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Time Investments

What about your time investments? 

 Are you spending the time on your goals that will move the needle in the direction of progress?

Do you want to be different or add to your skill-set in any area of your life?  How are you investing in yourself?

Sometimes it may feel like you don't know where all your time went at the end of the day!! Do you want to know where your time is spent? I scoped out this article that includes a bunch of ideas on how to find out. (Beware. This can be an eye-opening experience!)

Other Investments

What action steps do you need to take today to: 

(1) assess your investments (time, money, physical energy, emotional energy, brain power) and 

(2) make the needed short-term adjustments that will lead to long-term progress on your legacy path? 

  • Do you just need to plug the leaks on time, energy or money drains?
  • Do you want to re-direct where your resources are going? 
  • Do you need to do some research and figure out different options & opportunities that may be available to you in a certain area?

Your 5 Major Investment Assets

Don’t get overwhelmed and try to make too many adjustments at once.  Start with one of these five areas & make one or two re-alignment goals to work toward. 



3~Physical Energy

4~Emotional Energy

5~Brain Power

Which of these 5 investment areas will you commit to making an adjustment to first to realign your assets with your legacy vision, values and beliefs?  What one step will you take today?   

Accountability Bonus

Let me know what area you are working on and what step you are taking.  I'd love to be able to cheer you on!

One step at a time #legacyladies!  You can do this!!

PS - Want to go deeper? 
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Keep Learning - Keep Growing - Keep Loving!