How will your Deaf teen request communication accommodations?

Linked ID Card for Communication Accommodation Requests
An ID Card that identifies your child/teen as Deaf can help when they need to request an ASL(American Sign Language) interpreter (or other communication accommodation).

Their custom designed ID card will include a qr code that is linked to a private website leading to further resources and information.  

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Alternative to physical ID card:
If your teen doesn't want to use or keep up with actual ID cards then the virtual ID card can be shown from their phone screen and the qr code scanned phone to phone. 

Whether on a physical card or on their phone, your teen can easily share the qr code which opens their private website featuring several buttons connecting to helpful information and resources to facilitate the communication assistance your child needs in a low-stress way. 

For instance links can open to sites for virtual interpreting services, a contact page for in person interpreters, documents with legal requirements and recommended guidelines for appropriate communication accommodations for specific situations. 

Website Information Hub
The private website is the hub of the Linked ID resource.  It is accessed via the qr code on the ID card or virtual card. The one page website contains a bit more information along with several buttons.  

Two sets of buttons:
There are the action buttons that will lead to interpreter services. Then there are the information buttons.  These can all be customized.

Depending on the situation and the person your teen is communicating with, they can access specific information for their situation or category by choosing the corresponding button. In most cases links are directed to publicly available sites. 

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Hey, this is Dawn!  I'm considering doing a workshop if there's enough interest so keep reading and add your contact information if you're interested.

The goal of this workshop will be to show you how to 

put together your own Linked ID 

that your teen can use to request communication accommodation.  

Its specific purpose is as an aid 

for requesting sign language interpretation.

  • First, the ID card can be useful in identifying your child as someone who is Deaf/HH and in need of communication assistance. 
  • Secondly, while the ID card may be sufficient on its own, it is also linked by a qr code to a private website (that you can choose to make un-searchable by search engines) that can provide even further information such as information on what is actually required and next steps. 
  • Third, you can customize both the ID card and the website. 

However, I caution against too much additional personal medical information.* 

You may already use other Medical ID -- Medical ID Jewelry, Emergency Medical ID card. Both can be useful in a given situation, but I want to clarify the distinction between these two items: 
  • One, the Linked ID, is a request for communication accommodation.
  • The other, Medical ID, is a medical emergency alert.
The intent of this ID project is to aid in requests for communication accommodation in a range of situations. 

Please Note: It is recommended to use (or continue to use) your Medical ID Jewelry, as First Responders are trained to notice Medical ID and typically will not attempt to open any websites or online documentation. 

Otherwise, the ID card is a simple, easy method for your child to self-advocate as someone who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing and in need of communication assistance. 

Self-advocacy is going to be an important part of life for many of our children with disabilities.  
I’m happy to work with you to get a similar ID card with a qr code linked private website set up for your child/teen/young adult. I'm considering doing a workshop if there's enough interest so share this page with those who might be interested.

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