Hey mamas...

When your safety is an issue, safety is the issue.

ATTENTION:  Caring & Tender-hearted Christian Moms...in complex families

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Hey mamas, I'm Dawn Baggett. 
As an adoptive mom in a complex family, I learned that - when safety is an issue it's the ONLY issue - because all others require safety to be in place first.


3 steps you must take to address safety - first.

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   Are you feeling unsafe as an adoptive or step mom?    

You're not alone.

Many women feel this way and it's why I created this important training - to help you deal with the most important concerns - first- so that you can move on to other issues more effectively. I want to help you address your safety concerns so that you can start to effectively deal with other concerns from a place of felt safety for yourself as well as your child or children.  Safety issues can catch us off guard; can start out rather small and manageable; can become ongoing patterns; can morph and develop into bigger, more dangerous issues...sometimes rather rapidly and we may even miss or overlook warning signs. Others may brush them away or turn a blind eye.  It's up to you, mama.  You must take your safety concerns seriously, even if no one else does.

This 3-step training is designed to help you address your safety concerns first. and then you'll be so much more able to effectively work on other concerns that are important to you. 

This training is designed to help you succeed in creating a safety plan that works for you and with your particular situation.  The sooner you start, the sooner you'll be able to develop your safety plan and  execute the actions with confidence when the timing is right.