Why the Focus on Safety Just for Moms?

This is a good introductory question before getting into this replay episode.  

Maybe because it’s so overlooked. 

Maybe because of the story from just last week in which a mom in one of my Facebook groups was killed by her 18 year old son? 

Maybe because I know from experience and from others that moms are often blamed rather than helped when they reach out to family, friends, experts and authorities. 

Maybe because it’s time.  

5 Red Flags That Your Teen May Be Abusive (video)

The following episode is a video only episode of Legacy Living TODAY in which I share 5 red flag indicators that your teen may be (or be at risk of becoming) abusive. 

But first it’s important to mention that this is general information and not intended to be specific legal or medical advice or directly applicable to any particular person. 

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