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You know how CAREGIVER moms in survival mode struggle with taking care of their own needs

I Get It!

Hey there, I'm Dawn Baggett. 
What I do is provide validation & perspective. Plus I encourage making a prayerful, thoughtful plan with action steps that will make it impossible for my clients to remain exhausted, burnt out & worn down.

I’ve been there. 
And know how it is to be caring for the needs of others so intensely that you miss out on taking care of your own needs. 
You might feel like you need someone to take care of you!  Of course you're willing to sacrifice for the good of your loved ones.  
You are a mama-bear!  
 But you're feeling pretty spent...exhausted.
Your family is important to you and you willingly put forth the effort for them. But the daily-ness is wearing you down and sometimes you feel like you're stuck in a deep pit with no  way out, and it's gotten harder and harder to find your zest for getting up each day. You’d love a vacation but you’d probably just sleep through it anyway

 Sure - you are surviving.  
 The thing is...
              ...Survival mode is do-able in the short run.            

But it can be a set-up if we stop looking for solutions and slip into merely managing mode.  After a while, we may not be able to manage.
It's when the crisis situation isn't quickly resolved and goes on and on . .  and the needs that you as the caretaker have have gone unmet and under-met for more than a short-term basis, that it’s time to change gears. 
But how?  
It’s time to get a new perspective built with truth, clarity and purpose.  So you can make changes necessary for the future, to benefit you as well as the loved one whom you’re caring for.  

I got you . . . 

It's not only time to build your new Perspective,  

it's time to create your Personal Plan 

with Action Steps that move you forward:

As a trauma-informed, transformational life coach I offer individual coaching to help you formulate your own personal plan with actionable steps for taking you out of survival mode and merely managing, into progress and sustainability for the long term -- with a realistic and practical approach suited to your unique situation. 
Just that first step of creating your initial plan can bring great relief.  I’m also available as you begin to put that plan in place and take those specific forward-facing actions that will bring you more relief, get you out of survival mode and help you feel more like your best self again. 

Free Family Caregiver Stress Assessment  Click Here

About Me

An adoptive mom of four along with three biological children, I've made it through each of the various phases and learned some of the pitfalls first-hand of being second mom to four of my children. 
I experienced some of the confusion and chaos from unfamiliar behaviors and responses stemming from things like attachment issues and developmental traumas, effects of maternal substance abuse and disabilities. 
I've watched all my kids struggle with things their peers did not. 
 I've been in the pit of despair...but God held onto me and helped me hold onto him.  
I'm still on this journey.  It's still hard at times.  But I have learned and overcome so much.

Both an adoptive mom and a trauma informed coach - I'm honored to be able to offer remote sessions via Zoom as well as "Pocket Coaching" in which we use Voxer (an app that turns your phone into a virtual walkie talkie!) for optional VIP Days of ongoing connections for step-by step coaching throughout your day.  

How's that for personalized support!?                                                                         

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