Supporting the Endocrine System Naturally

One body system that I have found incredibly important to understand is the Endocrine System. 

It is one of the main organ systems in the body, and it is made up of organs called glands. The glands, which are located all over your body, create and release hormones.  These hormones are responsible for many of our body's functions, including metabolism, energy, growth, emotions, mood, fertility, sleep, and blood pressure.

5 Simple Steps
Each of these 5 Things could be talked about for an hour each and we could really go in depth. If you have the interest- by all means, please study up and dig in. But for here and now, I'd rather you walk away with some amazing nuggets that you can understand easily, remember, and then apply in your real life. 

First, to care for our endocrine health daily, please make sure to get in 30 minutes of exercise. This could be anything- a brisk walk, fitness class, or a home workout. It doesn't have to be complicated in order to "count". Just move your body & enjoy it.

Next, swapping our your sugars (especially added sugars) for healthy fats can be a big win. This is as simple as replacing that afternoon sweet tooth craving with your favorite nuts or avocado slices. Why do we do this? Sugar fuels disease, affects blood sugar and mood negatively, and is the culprit for so many aches and pains in our physical body. Omitting it is GREAT and replacing it with a whole food fat will add energy & protein to our routine. 
Plan ahead to make sure that you are getting protein at every meal! 

Intentionally reducing your stress levels will give your endocrine system support so that it's not over taxed. We all have stressors in our life—most being things we can’t control—but how we manage stress is key! Unwinding at night with an epsom salt bath, spending time outdoors, or inhaling your favorite essential oil can help the stress leave your body. 

Lastly, getting enough sleep each day will help your body tremendously. The recommended 8 hours of sleep at night allows the body time to repair and restore, which will in turn support your endocrine health.  


I wanted to give you this sample routine to you so you could start implementing it today if you’d like! 

So let’s start with the morning hours—try to get your movement or exercise in during the morning! It really sets the tone for the day, and it's one thing you can check off your list right off the bat. Push ups, a simple yoga sequence, a few moments of stretching, a 20-minute walk, or going up and down your home staircase for 5 minutes are all simple ways to get blood & hormones flowing.

Also, remember your protein plans each morning as you start your day. A hard-boiled egg or peanut butter & apple slices would work as a great addition to a meal or as an easy on-the-go snack.

Your body was designed to have additional fuel, so give it the support it needs. Plant-based, bio-identical hormones, supplements, and pure essential oils for the endocrine system are all amazing tools with synergistic benefits, especially when you are using them daily. I take some of my supplements in the morning and others in the afternoon so that I can allow my body to absorb and digest as needed. Packing a NingXia Nitro for an afternoon pick-me-up always does the trick for me.

Whenever you break to take your supplements, apply essential oils, or grab a snack, remember to do some deep breathing & focus on positive, truth-filled thoughts. These simple things will help keep your stress levels at bay. Another great way to reduce stress is to opt for a book instead of the news or social media. It can be so easy to get sucked into the social media scroll, so set a reminder on your phone to get a little reading in each day. 
Quality Sleep & Endocrine Health

Lastly, when it comes time to wind down at night, remember that consistent, quality sleep will support weight loss, hormones, natural energy, mood, and immunity, just to name a few. It’s not always easy, but it is so worth it! Here are some things I do at night to help in the sleep department:

+ Unplug 30 minutes before bed & sleep with my phone in another room
+ Eliminate or reduce alcohol or caffeine at night
+ Diffuse essential oils like Peace & Calming 30 minutes before bed
+ Pray or meditate + deep breathing for 5 minutes
+ Use an eye mask or blackout shades

* BONUS: I like to listen to music, particularly praise and worship music to give my brain something good to focus on rather than rumbling thoughts keeping me awake.  What's your favorite soothing music?
Young Living Favorites for supporting the Endocrine System

I wanted to wrap up the last few things on endocrine health! YL has so many products that go hand in hand with supporting your endocrine health. I’ve got 3 faves that I want to highlight that are easy to add into any routine! 

The first one is Endogize! I love it because it was specifically formulated for women and their endocrine system! Think blood sugar, metabolism, energy, and thyroid/adrenal health! One of the main ingredients in Endoflex is Ashwagandha Root Powder, which is known to lower blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity in muscle cells, and cortisol levels when chronically stressed. So cool!

Another great option is Endoflex Essential Oil. It’s a blend of Spearmint, Geranium, Myrtle, and Nutmeg oils and is super easy to use. This blend is great for thyroid and endocrine health. To use, just apply 1-3 drops over your thyroid and rub in. Easy peasy! Repeat 1-3x a day.

And finally, the beloved Progessence Plus Serum. This is probably one of the most loved YL products of all time! And surprise...even though it's in an oil bottle, it's actually not an essential oil—it's a serum. Pro+ (as I call it) is a natural form of progesterone that is derived from wild yams and is easily absorbed into the body!

Progesterone is the hormone that balances your other hormones. It is crucial for your cycle, and it is also the hormone that your body needs a ton of to carry a pregnancy during the first trimester before the placenta takes over.

I could share tons of success stories of women using this serum to balance out their hormones, regulate their menstrual cycle, help with fertility and conception, and even support the body during menopause.

I hope these notes were beneficial to you. If you have any questions on anything I shared, please let me know. And I’d be happy to look into any specifics you may have, if you’d like to share.

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