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Hear from Dawn to learn about her background and some of her experiences along the path that has led her to becoming the Christian Post-Adoption Coach she is today. 
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Podcast Episodes
Stacked Keys podcast
with Amy Stackhouse

{Excerpt from Episode Description}
Ever wondered how faith could guide and provide strength through the challenging journey of parenting, homeschooling, or even adopting children? Dawn Baggett, a lawyer turned homeschooling mom and post-adoption coach, joins us to share her remarkable story of change, growth, and resilience, powered by her strong belief. Dawn opens up about her life transitions and how she navigated the complexities and challenges of her various roles.

Deep dive into the world of parenting and homeschooling as Dawn imparts valuable insights on striking a balance between roles and responsibilities, leaning on the power of prayer, and the importance of seeking guidance. Experience the raw emotions and the highs and lows of parenting a child with extreme behaviors. Dawn walks us through how trust in the Holy Spirit eased her journey and provided her with the wisdom to handle challenging situations with grace.

…Dawn takes us through her journey as an adoptive mom. She speaks candidly about the trials and tribulations of raising money for adoption expenses and the dire need for proper resources for parents of children with extreme behaviors.

… let Dawn's powerful story of faith, resilience, and growth guide you through your own life pathways.

Giant Builders
with Lois Wyant

Strong Families podcast
with Dr. John Trent & Kari Stageburg

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