Adoption is NOT a Magic Wand

Dream with me:

What would you change 
if you had a magic wand 
right now?

If I had a magic wand I would like to change ________.

Did You Answer?

Did you fantasize just a bit and think about what you'd use that magical wand to change? 

Maybe it helped clarify what's getting under your skin, tripping you up, or keeping you stuck.  
Or maybe it was just a nice moment to think about what it would be like if a few things were different.  

But back to reality.  

Fantasies aren't reality. 

And sometimes we all need a reality check. But those reality checks can be hard to swallow.

Like you, I'm totally committed to my children, all of them, both biological and adopted.  Like you, I intended to go into adoption with eyes wide open, trained and educated in all the “what ifs."  Perhaps also like you I had a good track record in successful parenting so far. But even so, post adoption life brought surprises to say the least.  

Though I heard words and phrases like RAD, attachment disorder, and trauma, I still held to my faith that I and my family could beat the odds. (Especially since the odds are even more set against them if they aren’t adopted.)  

My outlook was that we were prepared & we were ready for hard - we’d still pull through stronger together and be better for it. 

But as has been said before...

 “there has to be a better way”.  

And guess what? 

There is!  

If children were born into loving, stable, two-parent families with no crisis that caused them to be parent-less, then there would be no orphan problem and no need for adoption.  

  • No kids with early childhood traumas. 

  • No children born with alcohol/drug exposure.

  • No missing parents. 

  • No abuse or neglect. 

That sounds heavenly doesn’t it!?  

That’s because it is.  

And for now we live in a broken world with broken people, including kids who are caught up in all the brokenness.  Let’s not forget the broken systems that sometimes hurt the hurting even more, even those set up to help.  

Still, there is help and there is hope. 

Meet Dawn Baggett:

DAEgdRxtoAUFrom Lawyer -- to Homeschool & Adoptive Mom -- to Personal Coach     

Dawn is a lifetime researcher and learner. 

A farm girl at heart, she has long been interested in the benefits of more natural and holistic ways of wholesome living.  

Dawn has always loved helping people, which is why law school was an early attraction for her.  Though she loved it, early in her law career Dawn opted to become a full-time mom after her first child was born.  Later on, homeschooling a full household, caregiving for children with chronic illness, disability and special needs became her full time job and then some. 

Family health needs spurred Dawn to research and learn about even healthier ways to live and the opportunity to help others switch to a low-tox lifestyle with natural, plant-based products emerged. 

From her experiences as an adoptive mom and learning from others Dawn sought out ways to fill the gap for meaningful support for other adoptive moms (and dads). 

Coaching became the clear answer!

But as the area of coaching has exploded in the past few years and is largely unregulated, there are a lot of variations, and variations in training - many out of alignment with Dawn's Christian faith and Biblical beliefs and personal values. 

The International Christian Coaching Institute is Dawn's choice for her own training and education as a Christian Life Coach. 

You can explore ICCI here:

If you're an adoptive parent, special needs parent or parent-caretaker of a child with a disability or chronic condition connect with Dawn to see how she can help you       Ask a question


Bachelor of Arts from The University of Alabama - Mass Communications with Political Science and Marketing

Juris Doctor from The University of Alabama School of Law - Trial Advocacy and Negotiations focus

Featured Continuing Education:

Certificate from Institute of Child Psychology - Childhood Trauma, Finding a Way Through

Certificate from Institute of Child Psychology - OCD, More than just an Adjective

Certificate from International Christian Coaching Institute - Christian Life Coaching Foundations I

Certificate from International Christian Coaching Institute - Life Mapping

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