Have you seen YL's newest Starter Kit bundle? 

Young Living recently released a brand new Starter Kit for new or returning members & it’s got me thinking… I want to take a closer look at lemon, lemon vitality, and lushious lemon essential oils to see what may be missing from MY wellness routine that can be found in these delicious little bottles of goodness. 

If you could enjoy a better mood, less stress, and feeling a little more ZIPPITY in your do-dah every day, you may like to know this info, too. (Pst! Don’t let the bottle of YL lemon on your shelf go to waste!)

The EO Pocket Reference guide will tell you all about the historical, medical, & cultural uses of every essential oil sold by Young Living. It’s an amazing resource! (If you don’t already have it and need more info like this, let me know!)

Lemon essential oil is not distilled in the same way as most essential oils. Most essential oils come from bark, stems, flower petals, or leaves. But in this case, lemon oil comes from the rind of the fruit. It must be cold pressed in order to get to the oil. It takes 3,000 lemons to produce one kilo of lemon essential oil. 

Young Living goes farther than any other company worldwide to ensure that its lemons are healthy, in prime condition for cold pressing, and that the essential oil is created with the perfect balance of chemical constituents for full health benefits (emotional and physical). YL essential oil is not adulterated or diluted with any carrier oil or synthetic chemicals.

Young Living sells Lemon and Lemon Vitality essential oil. Same product, but different names and labels in order to be compliant with the FDA. 

Traditionally, lemon essential oil has been used for circulation, weight management, mood/anxiety, digestion, skin, and for support of the urinary system. 

The fragrant aromatherapy benefits of lemon are also robust! 

Inhaling lemon essential oil has been shown to promote clarity of thought and purpose, while being invigorating and warming. 

So, lemon is a fantastic essential oil to diffuse in your home or workplace for concentration, productivity, and mood. All things I’d love to have MORE of in my home!

This may be part of the reason that YL introduced Lushious Lemon diffuser blend, hand soap, & hand lotion (the hand soap & hand lotion are luxurious and delicious!). 

Lushious Lemon eo is a blend of lemon eo + some other favorites. Ylang Ylang, lemon myrtle, spearmint, and eucalyptus are all included in this delicious blend.

Lushious lemon is like a citrus grove + a garden. It smells amazing! 

The For the Love of Lemons starter kit includes: Lushious Lemon eo, the Macaron diffuser (which is gorgeous and runs for up to 16hrs), 3 Lushious Lemon foaming hand soaps, Jade Lemon eo, & Vanilla eo. This combination could turn any environment on its head with fresh air and uplifting moods! 

This bundle is only $150, but a $273 value (the diffuser is super nice!!). 

Anyone can purchase this bundle or share it with a friend or neighbor via your YL referral link. Referring others to YL is a great way to pay for your own wellness product while helping others pursue wellness. (I can show you how to get your link anytime, just let me know if you need help.) 

This would be a fantastic housewarming, birthday, or Mother’s Day gift! 

If you’re loving what you’re learning about the benefits of lemon eo, I’d encourage you to grab a bottle and start using it daily!

Lemon Vitality (5ml) from YL is only $7 bucks… or splurge a little and grab the For the Love of Lemons bundle.  Choose Lushious Lemon hand lotion to pamper your skin, or foaming hand soap to make washing more fun.  There is no wrong choice!

I hope you found these notes interesting!  It was fun to put them together and I appreciate you allowing me to share. 

If you need more info or have questions, please know you’re welcome to reach out to me anytime! 

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