You KNOW planning for the future is IMPORTANT . . . 

. . . but you keep putting it off to handle everything that's URGENT!

As an adoptive mom with special needs kids I get it!

 Hi - I'm Dawn Baggett,
I've learned that the "tyranny of the urgent" can sometimes seem to rule your entire life leaving no time, energy (including mental/emotional energy) or other resources to deal with anything else.  
Whether for your child, yourself, or the entire family; short-term or long-term -- 
  wouldn't you agree that . . . 

You need a plan!



 starting with your free PARENT PLANNING SESSION

Isn't it time you break free 
from the "tyranny of the urgent"?

I know how it is . . . 
. . . as you focus on putting out all the little fires 
popping up each day, 
the bigger, potential disaster - quietly looms larger & larger, 
getting closer & closer to you and your loved ones as each day passes.  

Let me ask you,
* How much more confident would you feel with a step by step, personalized plan 
designed to move you closer to the vision you have for yourself and for your family? 

* How would it feel to know that with each step you are making forward progress?  

* To clarify what your specific goals even are at this point?  

How would that be?


Imagine, how you'd feel to finally have a step by step plan 
to confidently navigate today & chart a course for tomorrow — 
for yourself & your special needs/adoptive family . . .

This is where a personal coach can help you move forward 
on the things you already want for yourself, your family.

As your coach I can assist as you in 
setting your clear goals with clarity and purpose, 
setting specific & strategic action steps
 to reach them
and staying on track to reach your goals!

How does that sound?


 If you're thinking that you can't possibly add 
another thing to your already full plate -
no matter how important, 
let's talk.  

Surprises happen . . . and we can't always plan for every contingency.  
But we can plan some things.  
We can take some steps.  
And sometimes . . . 
a little action 
- taken consistently over time - 
can make a BIG difference. 

More Coaching Tracks
Additional coaching tracks offered include:

Wellness Planning Track

Have you put yourself and your wellness last so often for so long that it's catching up with you? Whether for you personally or the whole household, you don't have to wait to set your wellness goals, create a do-able plan and take action!

Get started today with your free strategic planning session with Dawn.


Legacy Building Track
Heading into a new season or situation in life? Or perhaps you're already there and want to make the most of it. Adding new children, new job, new home, or saying goodbye to someone close, previous roles or as children grow up and move away . . . these and others can all knock us off our footing.

Pause, take a breath, then get bearings to move ahead with purpose with your free strategy session with Dawn.

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