30 Day Prayer Challenge

Welcome to the 30-Day Prayer Challenge! 
I hope it encourages you to set or renew a daily practice of prayer as you use this as a support, not as a rule-book. 

Each prayer nudge comes from the verse or passage listed.  I encourage you to look up and read these verses, and let God's Holy Spirit guide you as you use each of these prayer nudges as perhaps a starting point, not an endpoint, and not just a to-do list checklist.  

Developing the practice of prayer in my view is a key part of developing your relationship with God, our heavenly Father.  My hope is that this simple 30-day prayer challenge is a useful tool for deepening this most important relationship you can ever have.  

Download and print your pdf guide below.  
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The printable pdf Guide is an instant download.  

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Each day has a prayer nudge based on the Bible verse/passage listed.   'Cause sometimes we just need a little nudge : ) 

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