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Wellness Self-Assessment &
Congratulations on taking this important step!

Completing your Assessment
Option one: 
Complete your Wellness Assessment online easily when you click the button below.  

When you're finished, click "submit" to  share your answers and watch for an email invitation about STEP TWO, scheduling and completing your complimentary Wellness Consultation Planning Session with Dawn.

Option two: 
I've included a printable "for your eyes only" version of the Wellness Assessment.  Click below to get the pdf document to complete.  You will not receive the full complimentary Wellness Consultation mentioned above unless you complete and submit the online form above.  

  Wellness Assessment (printable form)

    Planning for Success       

Your Wellness Planning Consultation

What to Expect:

Email one - You'll receive an email with instructions for scheduling your complimentary consultation soon after completing the  online assessment.  

Email two - After your consultation call is scheduled and prior to the meeting/call, you'll receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link that you can use for the video call at the scheduled time.

During our time together - I'd like to spend a few minutes reviewing your Wellness Assessment and top areas of concern.  Then I'll share about what I can offer and some suggestions for putting together your personalized 30-60-90 day Wellness Plan.  If you see anything you'd like to purchase I can help you with that.  If not, that's totally cool.  How does that sound?

Note: If you've completed the printable version of the Wellness Assessment and decide you want to also complete the online version (a bit shorter but basically the same) feel free to do so.  It shouldn't take long at all after completing the print version already. 

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.  Congrats on getting started on your new Wellness Journey!

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