Do you

feel unsafe & fearful in your own 

adoptive or blended family home?

Do you feel like you're walking on eggshells, waiting for the next explosion to happen?

 Are you tired of feeling powerless and need a way to take control of your safety? 

I'm Dawn Baggett, Legacy Life Coach and also an adoptive mom.  I understand the unique struggles that come with being in a complex family situation. That's why I created a free mini-course specifically designed for Christian women in complex adoptive or blended families who feel unsafe and fearful in their home. 

This mini-course will guide you step-by-step in creating a personal safety plan to help you feel more in control and less fearful. You'll learn practical strategies for identifying potential dangers, improving communication, setting boundaries, and taking action when necessary.

Don't wait any longer to take control of your safety. Click the link to the free mini-course now and get started on your journey to a safer and more peaceful home.

When Your Safety is an Issue, 


 Legacy Life Coach, Dawn T. Baggett, J.D.
Standing in the Gap for Second Moms!
Former attorney & adoptive mom, having experienced domestic violence in the form of CPV (child to parent violence) & APV (adolescent to parent violence) herself, Dawn understands what you are going through.  
Dawn now coaches women like you to help plan your next steps according to your own personal goals and values. 

Hey mamas, I'm Dawn Baggett. 
As an adoptive mom in a complex family, I learned that - when safety is an issue it's the ONLY issue - because all others require safety to be in place first.  Be safe. Get started creating your personal safety plan today.  Take the first step with my free introductory safety planning mini-course I designed for moms just like you.

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