Limited Time Offer ending May 31!

Safety Planning Coaching for Adoptive Moms

Lack of safety can cripple other efforts in your adoptive family…



Wondering if Safety Planning coaching is for you?

• You’re tired of pretending everything is fine and you know you want things to change.

• You feel like you’ve lost your voice, your dignity, and perhaps even some of your identity.

• You know it’s not healthy to keep living with these safety risks along with all the tension, but you don’t know how to change things for the better. 

• Even if you don’t feel ready to make big changes just now, you know you’re in pain. Your life, your family relationships, your ability to function well — it’s just not working.

• You’re scared. 

• You’re confused. 

• And you know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 

You are far MORE than what’s happening to you!!

How The Program Works

I’m here to help you, encourage you, and support you in the process to
stand in your God-given power and authority even when life is hard...

This special offer is designed to help adoptive mothers who desire and need to create a safety plan, either a personal safety plan for herself or a household safety plan. 

The safety plan may address different areas of safety, including physical, emotional and even financial. (For instance, you may not have thought of repetitive property damage by a child or teen who breaks windows or kicks holes in walls when angry as a safety issue, or one who steals from siblings or destroys their clothes as financial safety concerns but constant repairing & replacing of items adds up).

When safety planning is needed I like to tackle that first with clients in my larger, main coaching program. However I realize that not every mom  is ready to commit to the full program when they are in a place of feeling unsafe and that’s taking up all of her focus. 

So in keeping with my mantra of “safety first” I wanted to offer safety planning coaching as a standalone for this limited time offer, in order to help those moms who need a safety plan now but are not yet ready to dive into the full program at this time. 


What To Expect In just 4 weeks

It CAN be different. You don’t have to start by making big life changes, you can start small by working on building your own Personal or Household Safety Plan. 

Small steps can start tremendous journeys. I’ve broken down the safety planning process into just three do-able steps. 

If you’re ready to do the work (with my support), this limited time safety planning program takes you through four (4) weeks (one week for each of the three steps plus a bonus week) in which I help you build out your own customized safety plan and put it in place so that you will know how to respond to each of the safety concerns and exactly what action steps to take. 

 Begin your application process now — The first step is to add your contact information below. 

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