When you are 
NOT your child’s first mom…

You need…   

What about my child’s “Real mom” you ask?
…Well, That would be me. 

Fielding awkward questions is just the tip of the iceberg…

If you are...

  • Missing the you that you used to be…
  • Feeling Isolated & Unsupported/under-supported…
  • Experiencing Distress over Your Adopted Teen's Extreme Behaviors…
  • All Out of Options After Trying (Almost) Everything…
  • Just ready to be DONE With the Disrespect & DRAMA...

You're in the right place!


Even the most well-intentioned friends, family, and even many professionals have a hard time recognizing the challenges that second moms often have.  And sometimes it seems we're viewed as less than "real moms".  Of course the truth is that it's not just biology that makes us "real"...

Inside the Success for Second Moms program you can
G.E.T.  R.E.A.L.
particularly in your own mind so that you aren’t paralyzed by feelings of failure & doubts about your success as a second mom with the following actions largely from my own experiences of moving from drowning in despair to soaring with success!

G  Discover how you are GOD-EQUIPPED for your specific mom role in your unique family!

E  Recognize that you are already an ESTABLISHED SUCCESS in your mom role!

T.   Re-establish TRUST that’s grounded in TRUTH!

R  Set REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS of yourself & others both inside & outside of your family!

E.   Establish personal boundaries that EMPOWER you to take back control of your life!

L.   Make space for LOVING CONNECTIONS using the success strategies inside!

Hey there, I'm Dawn Baggett -

I want to introduce you to an in-depth, hybrid group coaching program to help you to embrace & embody success in your mom role within your complex adoptive, blended, or kindred care family.

You've never seen anything like this before!

An adoptive mom who has spent years not only studying, but living the life of a second mom in a complex family, I learned that there are commonalities among this population and that the gap in support is something that is all too prevalent for many moms and families. 

Especially as a Christian mom who poured myself into my family, used to problem-solving and searching & finding whatever was needed, set high expectations for myself, and had a good track record as a parent, the lack of resources and anti-support for the mounting challenges in my adoptive family felt unreal.  

Then I learned…It wasn’t just me! And it’s not just you & your family.


Adoption is not a magic wand. 

Whole families are being left to flounder with predictable struggles that often come with mid-to-severe attachment challenged children with a history of developmental trauma in early childhood, especially as those children reach their early teen years.

In the GAP >>>
>>> marriages often fall apart under the strain

>>> moms often bear an enormous degree of opposition & aggression which gets more dangerous as their children age

>>> outsiders frequently experience a very different child than the family at home, especially mom

>>> traditional parenting methods & general parenting advice that work well for regular households is insufficient & can even backfire

>>> traditional family settings are unsustainable with some children with severe attachment challenges

>>> moms can feel like prisoners in their own homes 

>>> moms may be at risk for PTSD, compassion fatigue, 

>>> and worse…

And yet as a parent…this mom often feels the blame & shame:

— when her child doesn’t fit the traditional family mold;
— when she’s made adjustment after adjustment to fit the family & home environment around increasingly difficult behaviors of this growing child;
— when her support people are unsupportive 

And she seeks help…but finds 

Rather than the needed help & understanding she receives blame;
She is either blown off when things aren’t bad enough…
…or vilified when things get too bad. 

The Success For Second Moms program helps to fill that GAP...

These results are waiting for you...

IMAGINE, how your life will be when you:

  • Learn how to disengage from the go nowhere conversations 
  • Learn to use proven negotiation techniques that really work
  • Learn how opt out of the drama
  • Learn effective problem solving techniques plus how & when to use them with your most challenging family members (and others) so you can move forward 
  • Learn how to release the “pressure valve” to avoid those explosive eruptions that are not only disruptive but even dangerous

You could continue living as you are…

Going round & round in the same old patterns feeling worse & worse…
But is that really what you want?

Or  are you ready for a change?
Ready to get off that crazy-making carosel?!

Registration is now open! 
Limited to ten slots.

The Success for Second Moms 12-week program is designed to help you stop spinning round & round.

Only Ten Slots Available!

Replace your Spinning with Safety, Sanity & Skills for your Non-Traditional Mom Role

This one-of-a-kind program is designed  for adoptive moms and step-moms, those of us who are raising children who came to us sometime after birth. 

Whether it’s your toddler who won’t let you comfort him, your elementary aged child who roams the house at night for  “treasures”, your preteen hoarding food in her room, or your teen who’s verbally and physically aggressive to you…or a host of other behaviors, I get it.

The following traits may indicate that you are a good fit for the program:
  • Coachability
  • Growth mindset.
  • Open & excited to grow, change, learn, try
  • Commitment & willingness to do the work.
  • Faith in God, excited to grow in your own faith journey.
  • Resourcefulness
These traits indicate a poor fit:
  • “My way” or “already know it all” mindset.
  • Not coachable, not receptive
  • Not resourceful.
  • Not committed enough to make hard or necessary changes.
  • Unwilling to choose faith over fear, or faith over the familiar.
In short, my best clients are Christian moms of at least one non-biological child, women who recognize they aren’t perfect and are eager to take their next steps in a faith-growth journey that they are committed to travel. 

Does this describe you?

If so, I designed this program for you — to fill the GAP that I've experienced first-hand as a Christian adoptive mom committed to both my faith and to my family. 

Are you interested in experiencing this one-of-a-kind program?  



What you'll get...

  • Moms For Real online course: $2000 value
  • Success Strategy Sets: $2000 value
  • Weekly Live  Sessions with Dawn: $2000 value
  • Bonus 1- Safety First - Personal Safety Planning Guide: $74 value
  • Bonus 2 - FEAR factor workbook & training: $54 value


YOUR PRICE:  $3447

You Can Find…

Moms for R.E.A.L. course

$2000 value

Designed to support you in your non-traditional mom role with video trainings and reflective journal prompts to help your build:

  • R - Realistic Expectations
  • E - Empowered Actions
  • A - Authentic Modeling
  • L -  Space for more Loving connections

Weekly Live Sessions with Dawn

$2000 value for 12 weekly interactive sessions! 

5 Strategy Sets for Conquering Challenging Conversations

$2000 Value for five practical Strategy Sets to grow your skills at challenging conversations within your complex family dynamics!

Strategy Set Summary Sheets - PDF downloads in Client Vault

Added to the core program, these bonuses add even greater value!

Safety First - Safety Planning Workbook & Training
My Fear-factor - Faith building Journal & Training
PDFprintable workbook & Safety Planning Training
Inside easy access Client Vault 
PDF printable workbook& My Fear-factor Training
Inside easy access Client Vault
How would it feel to…

  • Return to Calm
  • Feel Secure again
  • Resume Your Confidence as Mom
  • Grow Your Faith Walk

All of this is now possible for you...

…with the Success for Second Moms program!

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