What’s one thing we all have in common? I’m glad you asked. 

We ALL benefit from a good, deep clean from time to time.

But the big problem? Spring cleaning is a HUGE chore. 

It’s *such* a big chore, in fact, that we have to trick ourselves to even embrace it. It’s actually a big fat SERIES of chores disguised by calling it ONE thing: spring cleaning. 

But with *regular* cleaning being hard enough to prioritize on a daily and weekly basis, I’ve decided to make spring cleaning easy on me. 

Here's how...
Instead of Spring Cleaning, I like to think of it as Thieves Cleaning.  

Spring Cleaning is generally thought of as cleaning the entire home “from top to bottom”. And it’s a huge undertaking. 

But I am able to use just ONE product, Thieves Household Cleaner, from top to bottom on my entire home. See, it’s getting more simple already! =)

Thieves is the most affordable cleaner I have found- EVER. It smells incredible and infuses my home with aromatherapy. By going through our homes & deep cleaning primary surfaces, appliances, & a few other key places, we will do ourselves a huge service for the entire year mentally & physically.

Spring Cleaning with harsh chemicals that suppress our immune systems & infiltrate our living space with toxins isn’t what I consider making things “clean”. Thieves Cleaning, however, is non-toxic and completely safe for the whole family. 

Spring Cleaning = hard.

Thieves Cleaning = easy. 

A few of my tips for how to make Thieves Cleaning easy in your home. 


If you already have a supply of essential oils and Thieves cleaning products at home, just fill in any gaps by ordering what you need from Young Living on your next order.

To stock up on essentials from scratch, I recommend grabbing the Thieves Bundle that you like best! 

One Amazon order or trip to the market for all other household staples + your Thieves order should set you right up. 

Once you have a full bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner on hand, you’ll be set to make several DIY home cleaners that are effective, all natural, and affordable. 

You can take your cleaners to the next level by purchasing a set of empty containers that match your aesthetic, or you can repurpose previously used bottles & containers to be super sustainable and savvy. 

** One recipe/hack not on the card you might like to try: 

Grab a clean kitchen dish scrub brush (the kind you can fill the handle up with dish soap). 
Fill with 1/2 Thieves dish soap + 1/2 THHC. 

Use this on showers, tubs, bathroom sinks, or your kitchen sink weekly for deep cleaning!

Who doesn’t love a good list?! I love the simplicity of a checklist for Thieves Cleaning. When you have time, just work from the list to get done what you can. You can easily pick back up where you left off. 

At the end of Thieves Cleaning, you will have cleaned & infused every surface you touched with a non-toxic, aromatherapy-filled cleanser! 

You Got This. 

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