Why Essential Oils

Taking a closer look.

Essential oils are a powerful tool provided by nature to support our bodies to do what they were designed to do-- function in perfect health! They have been used therapeutically since the beginning of time for medicinal, first aid and spiritual benefits. When you take a look at the science to understand why they work, it's really quite fascinating.

We were made to have our health and wellness supported by many things. Pure water, a clean/non-toxic environment, mobility, spirituality, positive relationships, a nutrient dense diet, and proper supplementation. All of these things support our health and wellness. And essential oils are one of the most versatile, fast-acting, and simple tools that we've been given!

When you take a look at the human cell under a microscope, you'll see the outer layer of the cell is lipid-- meaning it's made of an oil substance. It's not water. Oils & water do not mix!

When an essential oil comes in contact with a human cell, the outer layer of the cell lets the essential oil come right in and deliver all of it's therapeutic properties to the cell. If the outer layer of the cell wall was any other substance, then essential oils and our cells would not mix.

It's the perfect design!

Unlike the nutrients we absorb through food or oral supplements, essential oils actually bypass our digestive systems all together!

Essential oils can be applied to our body & reach the bloodstream within two minutes, reaching every cell in 20 minutes. And because they are created to work with our bodies, we can get support to and body system by using the right YL essential oils.

Essential oils soak into your skin quickly because they are only 500 amu or less in size, they are fat soluble (meaning they can be absorbed through your skin), and they can reach every part of the body-- even the brain. It's here that we store our emotions, which is why essential oils offer amazing aromatherapy and have the ability to affect our emotional and mental health so well.

Essential oils can be applied topically, diffused or inhaled aromatically, or in the case of Vitality Oils they can be used internally.
The versatility & simplicity of essential oils makes them a fun, enjoyable and easy piece of your wellness routine to learn and adapt to.
Essential oils can clean our cell receptor sites, allowing for better communication within our body. They help to move stored waste from our body and also have a very high energetic frequency.
All of these aspects of using essential oils help to make us feel amazing! We support our emotions, our body's energy system, detoxify and clean up our cells and bring support to our body with each drop of YL essential oil.
You can choose to use them in your diffuser, topically or internally-- or all three ways! Pick your own pace and methods, but just begin and stay consistent! You will feel the benefits in no time.

The Power of Essential Oils
by Dr. Lindsey Elmore

Here is a Podcast you can listen to if you'd like to hear more science and learn more about Why Essential Oils are such a wonderful support to our wellness.

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