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Hey there Legacy Lady -- 

If you're reading this then you're probably a lady who goes the extra mile to shop carefully for those in your care, and you choose to take this important responsibility seriously.

You're aware of toxic ingredients lurking in normal products, and concerned about potential  harm to you and those you care for.  

But it's difficult and time-consuming to sort through all the research, conflicting messages and available products. You're sometimes left feeling defeated, because it shouldn't be a full time job to safely shop for your family!

 I'm Dawn, and I totally get your ongoing commitment to identify safe and effective options for you and your family.  Yet, searching for good alternatives to dangerous products shouldn't take over your entire life!

Mom of seven and having family members with chronic illness, disability and special needs, I've leaned a lot over the years. Special diets and sensitivities meant I couldn't grab just anything off the shelves, and I sometimes had to hunt far and wide for needed items that wouldn't cause harm.  

First I needed to know what to avoid.
Then I needed to learn what to use instead!

I'm thankful to have had the expertise and time to spend countless hours in learning about toxic overload and how this had played a large part in some of the health struggles in my own family. 

1-2-3 Steps

  • Step one is to determine your top needs.  You can use the free Wellness Assessment to help you get a clearer picture and determine top areas to focus on. This simple self-assessment can be completed by you or by/for another household member.
  • Step two is designing a plan for how to address them.  I help you develop a 30-60-90 day plan during your Initial Wellness Consultation

  • Step Three is to document your results along the way using my 4-step process

    As you continue learning how to choose and access better, safer products and avoid harmful toxic products & ingredients, you'll be able to see how far you've come!
Low-Tox Living Corner

I understand how hard it is to research all the products and their ingredients for a family's varied needs.  

I designed my private Low-Tox Living Corner to provide ongoing encouragement, education and fun!  So you won't be left to figure it all out on your own.

Connect with others like you who are breaking free from the problems of a toxin-overloaded lifestyle.
  I know firsthand that changing buying habits can be hard, and learning new ways of doing things can take time.  You'll find resources in the Low-Tox Living Corner to support you along the way.

My goal is to help you spend less time while getting quicker and better results!

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You'll be delighted to transform your household into a safe zone when you implement the low-tox lifestyle, and move away from toxic chemicals found in so many common cleaners and household products

Don't waste another minute afraid of the chemicals in your family's everyday products or getting frustrated over products that were "greenwashed" and looked safe, only later to find they have the same toxic chemical ingredients you were trying to avoid. Learn simple swaps that can make a big difference right away.

My mission is to help YOUR family ditch the toxin overload and live a legacy of self-stewardship when it comes to health and wellness.
Even the most well-intentioned households can have a hard time recognizing and breaking free from the overload of toxins that are so pervasive and common nowadays.

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