Why Choose Christian Post-Adoption Coaching?


AND in your complex family.

I've identified



stuck in the fog & stall out  


What do you suppose these are costing you....

  • Unclear Roles & Responsibilities
  • Communication Traps & Complications
  • Mismatched Motives
  • Missing or misunderstanding of Personal Boundaries
  • Unnecessarily Sacrificed Self-Care (Self-Stewardship)
  • Unrealistic Assumptions & Expectations

These six issues underlie many second mom disasters.  You need a coach to help you gain a new perspective, to prayerfully plan & to prioritize with purpose, in alignment with your own personal values.  

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Dawn T. Baggett, JD

Hello - I'm Dawn Baggett and I've been "mom" for over 30 years...first to my biological children, then to my adopted children as well.  I was so passionate about my role as mother that I left my successful law practice to be a home-based mom and later homeschool mom... and I wouldn't have traded the opportunity to be home with my children for the world's most prestigious career. 

But believe me there have been some major struggles and challenges! But thanks to God, I'm still standing.  

And as a post adoption coach, standing in the GAP for Second Moms I want to be there for you when you need someone who understands your struggles as well as your faith and your love, who recognizes you for the intelligent and resourceful woman of God that you are, and who understands your need to make the right decisions, not just the ones that are convenient or feel good in the moment...to help shine a light on your strengths and also vulnerabilities that may be hard for you to see in yourself. 

When you’re stuck in a fog of…

  •  Impossible behaviors by your teen;
  •  Circular conversations with your spouse that go nowhere; 
  • A tangle of feelings from fearful to frazzled, frustrated to furious.
You want to escape the blinding fog of their baffling behaviors, the crazy-making conversations and drama... and your own flood of feelings — but it can seem almost impossible...

Are you ready for a way through the fog that...

• Ieasy to access,
• Provides targeted support for you personally,
• Includes simple strategies for steering through obstacles like challenging conversations & baffling behaviors;
• Comes from someone you can trust who knows & understands your non-traditional mom role & complex family dynamics;
• Has personalized strategic planning sessions designed to meet your goals & align with your Christian values (and won’t steer you off a New Age or Humanistic cliff);
• Respects & values your parenting expertise & your family commitments

So that your...

• Overwhelm & Stress Go Down
• Support & Clarity Goes Up
• Conversation Skills Grow
• Emotional Stability Is Enhanced
• Self-Confidence Increases
• Faith Increasingly Takes The Place Of Fear

If So -- You May Be Ready for Coaching!

Why Choose Me As Your Coach?

It’s important that you choose a coach who is aligned with your worldview, who is focused on your needs, and someone you can connect with. 

Consider the following:

  • Relatability - Whatever you're feeling, I've likely felt it too throughout my extensive experience in my own complex adoptive family of nine; 
  • Critical Thinking Skills - You'll benefit from my legally trained brain from my years of law school & legal practice (ability to think like a lawyer);
  • My ability to extract the golden nuggets from complex research & study and put them into plain English is like Cliff Notes for real life!
  •  My knowledge of effective (yet simple) strategies for quick & important shifts to improve everyday interactions;
  •  My commitment to Christian values (no magic, manifesting or self-healing) 

Activate your “FOG LIGHTS” by scheduling your free 30-45 minute Clarity Call  so you can start clearing the fog today. 


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