Episode 9 | Legacy-Driven Mindset for Success!!

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Got Dreams?

Have you found it difficult to focus on making a long-lasting impact and pursue your big world-changing dreams in the midst of just trying to get through each day or week?

Do you sometimes find it hard to prioritize important things over urgent (in-your-face-must-be-done-now) things?

What if there was a special way of thinking, a rather unique mindset that could propel you to success in your personal and business goals!?

Great news...there is!

Are you ready to learn more about what author Carew Papritz calls 

the “Legacy-Driven Mindset”?

But first, the author, Carew Papritz is one of the most innovative authorpreneurs of the 21st century. Go check out his exciting YouTube videos on “CarewTube”.

According to Carew Papritz, 

“The Legacy-Driven Mindset is deciding what is truly important and then living it” which is “critical to long-term success in both professional and personal life”.

In the article Carew presents four “P”s to describe the Legacy-driven mindset: passion, pursuit, people, and peace.

You can read what he says about each “P” in the original article (link below).

If my 8 Guideposts for living on Legacy Lane  are a bit much to remember, these 4 “P”s are only half that amount! 😁

Passion & Peace focus more inward, while Pursuit & People are more outward focused.

So to make this a bit more interactive, let me ask you:

Passion - What lights you up?

Peace - Where is peace missing in your life?

Pursuit - Did you just say (even just to yourself), “I give up!”?

People - Do you need to talk to more people? A specific person?

Carew says, 

“People are real, so don’t be afraid to communicate with them or be with them.”

My perspective on the 4 Ps: 

When we continually pursue our God-directed passions, receive and rest in his peace while being a peace-maker in our relationships (people), then that’s a good set-up for success in building our lasting legacies.

(Note: Biblical peacemaking is not the same as peace-keeping! I may do an episode on those differences at some point.)

What is Success to you?

Carew talks about how those with a Legacy-driven mindset have an expanded definition of success — the bigger holistic picture of what brings them success.

Legacy Living  Action steps:

1) Reflect back on your life, or the last chapter, and write down your successes. Often we move from one chapter or season to the next without taking time to reflect on the last one. Or we get stuck mulling over what didn’t seem to go how we wanted.

2) See the link to the full article by Carew Papritz.

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Perhaps you used to have more of a legacy-driven mindset but life has taken the wind out of your sails.  If so you can get it back!  If you've never had a legacy-minded mindset before you can also work toward changing it. I've found that having and maintaining the right mindset is an ongoing work in progress.  

Keep Learning - Keep Growing - Keep Loving!


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