My name is Dawn Baggett and I've found the low-tox lifestyle is one that can help transform your life!  

While it can be daunting to avoid the toxins that are so prevalent in our lives and impossible to avoid them all, finding easy button options can make a huge difference!

You can find these easy button options inside the 
Low-Tox Living Corner Member Vault.

The Low-Tox Living Corner Mission 
By setting up the Low-Tox Living Corner as a membership vault I wanted to provide a place that can be a learning hub of resources that are easy to find and refer back to, as well a a way to share more resources over time that are curated from my own low-tox learning journey.  


Not everyone has the time and band-width to track down the toxic ingredients and elements in their environment and products they regularly use, to then scope out available low-tox options and do that multiple times over and over again!  


Of course there's a learning curve when starting new things and forming new habits and processes.  I want you to be free to take advantage of all the help you need and want, but not overwhelmed or made to feel like you can't keep up. 

I designed the LTLC Vault: 
  • to be a place with basic information for you if you're just getting started;
  • to further provide steps for you as you get farther along in your low-tox journey;
  • to be a jumping off place for going beyond with further information gathering;
  • and also a safe landing place for you to come back to.  
  • Your low-tox living home base.  

This vault is a work in progress and new content is added on an ongoing basis. These resources are available as a free bonus to those of you who are active product customers and/or active coaching clients. 

Just a few of the Resources you will find inside:

  • Everyday Wellness Notes
  • Endocrine System Notes
  • Power of Scent and the Brain Notes
  • Monthly Low-Tox Product Features with Discount Options
  • and more...

I designed the Low-Tox Living Corner Vault as a high value resource I provide for my product customers. If you aren't yet a customer, let's talk! You can also access the vault for a low monthly fee.  

Wanna sneak peek? 

It's yours!....

Easy App Vault Access

There's even an app  for direct access and notifications that makes vault access super simple and convenient.  I post helpful tips on a variety of topics and additional information inside the vault that you'll not want to miss out on.  

 What are you waiting for?