Mental & Emotional Energy Effects on Physical Health

As a life coach for women in complex families, I understand the importance of taking care of our emotional well-being and how it affects our physical health. Stress and emotional tension can lead to chronic inflammation and physical ailments like headaches and back pain. Physical movement and exercise are powerful tools for managing the effects of emotional and mental energy. It releases endorphins and helps us feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. Getting enough sleep is also vital to managing stress levels effectively. Taking time to relax and recharge is crucial for our overall well-being. These small but powerful steps can help us live a life full of peace, joy, and vitality.  Legacy Life Coaching can help you get started making the adjustments that will help you feel better fast!

Emotional Boundaries for Second Moms

Emotional Boundaries for Second Moms
Today’s topic is emotional boundaries.  
In particular on this episode I’m focusing on emotional boundaries for moms like me.  In many of our adoptive families children have suffered an enormous degree of trauma and in particular the loss of not only their first mother but other caregivers as well in their formative years. 

Different Types of Boundaries
You’ve seen & heard quite a bit about setting boundaries by now I suppose.  And perhaps you have a good grip on what it means to set personal boundaries with others, and have even put this into practice in your own life. Even so, to make sure that we’re on the same page today, you need to know that what I mean by the word “boundaries” is that dividing line (boundary) you make to protect something of yours from trespass by another that says you will not continue past that line (boundary) with the other person.  In practice it may sound something like, “I will not continue listening to you yell obscenities at me;” a boundary to protect your finances might sound like, “I will not continue paying you while your work is unfinished;” one to protect property – “I won’t leave without locking the door first”; one to protect physical safety –  “I won’t stay in the house where there are unsecured weapons.”

With all these various boundaries to protect different things, there may be an emotional component. But today I want us to pick apart and focus primarily on emotional boundaries. You may set boundaries to protect your time, your physical body, your work/ability to get work done, your belongings.  You can also set boundaries to protect your emotional safety. 



Why the Focus on Safety Just for Moms?

This is a good introductory question before getting into this replay episode.  

Maybe because it’s so overlooked. 

Maybe because of the story from just last week in which a mom in one of my Facebook groups was killed by her 18 year old son? 

Maybe because I know from experience and from others that moms are often blamed rather than helped when they reach out to family, friends, experts and authorities. 

Maybe because it’s time.  
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