Are You an Adoptive or Step-Mom Who's Living in the GAP?

You may know that my tagline is “standing in the gap for second moms“ — so you may wonder, 
what gap? Where is this gap? 

Do you know what the gap is in your life? 

See if this rings a bell:


The gap I have recognized is when you know something is wrong, and as mom you have identified that there’s a real problem that needs to be addressed and you begin to reach out for information, for resources, for help.  

You may not know exactly what to call it. 

You may not know if there’s something diagnosable…or what the cause is…even where to look for answers. But that doesn’t stop you. You’re told not to worry or given trite responses or over-simplified advice. 

You don’t know exactly what to do...


Ongoing Needs for Acceptance & Belonging

Today we’re talking about acceptance.

Acceptance may seem like a given in your family; of course you accept your children!  You accept all your children — your bio kids, your adopted kids, your step kids —  that should just be a given…right? 

Let’s look at the example of marriage. 


4 Ways to Re-Build Self-Trust for 2nd Moms

Do you think of yourself as trustworthy?
On a scale of 1-10 where do you think you are? 
Where on that scale would you say most people would put you back before your child/children came along? 

In our complex adoptive and blended families trust can often be lacking from our non-biological children, not because we aren’t trustworthy, but due to their own backgrounds. And that can bleed over onto others.
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