Are You an Adoptive or Step-Mom Who's Living in the GAP?

You may know that my tagline is “standing in the gap for second moms“ — so you may wonder, 

What gap? Where is this gap? 

Do you know what the gap is in your life? 

See if this rings a bell:


The gap I have recognized is when you know something is wrong, and as mom you have identified that there’s a real problem that needs to be addressed and you begin to reach out for information, for resources, for help.  

You may not know exactly what to call it. 

You may not know if there’s something diagnosable…or what the cause is…even where to look for answers. But that doesn’t stop you. You’re told not to worry or given trite responses or over-simplified advice. 

You don’t know exactly what to do...

...about what’s becoming an increasingly unmanageable issue with your child, now a hormonal teen, either with their behaviors & reactions, or with your own feelings, your emotions, or your spouse and others who tend to shut you down or overreact to you as you’re trying to manage the household and manage the opposition and controlling behaviors that are no longer manageable… the gap is that place where you know there’s something wrong, something’s off, but you’re not finding the support and you’re not finding the help that you’re looking for, help that’s truly effective…or you’re being totally dismissed and shut down.  That’s one side of the gap. 


The other side of the gap is where the behaviors have gotten worse, the conflicts aren’t resolved, the tensions have escalated, it’s gotten so big and so bad… so bad that people, even authorities, are looking at you and blaming you; saying you should’ve gotten help sooner; you should’ve done something; why didn’t you; why did you let it get to this point?! 

And so the gap is the space from when you’re noticing problems but it doesn’t seem like it’s bad enough to the outside world to actually provide help, support and understanding, the prevailing view seems to be that you should be able to manage; this is the lower side of the gap where you may be right now, or you may be approaching the gap; you’re noticing something is off you can’t get REAL support no matter how you try because it doesn’t look bad enough so you just get blown off & dismissed — And then the other extreme, the upper side of the gap is where things are so bad that you’re being blamed & told you should’ve done something sooner, and this side is where families and lives get torn apart.  And it’s tragic. I believe if we can pre-empt getting to this point we can turn the tide for moms and families who find themselves in the gap being swept along a dangerous current toward a devastating crash.

Life in the GAP

That’s the gap I have identified, and it’s a hard place to live. It’s a hard place for moms who have poured themselves into serving their families. 

In short, 
The gap is where we may flounder in chaos and confusion, defeated, and in lack — it’s a very hard place and can disable our ability to be effective and successful parents. 

Do you recognize this gap in your life & family?

So what do I do to stand in the gap for second moms? 

It's Time to Build Your BELIEF that 

YOU are a God-Approved Parent for Each of Your Children!

I propose that we fill it with another kind of GAP. As a God-Approved Parent you can execute your Mom Role with Clarity & Confidence.

I expect that parenting in ways God approves of is already your goal and has been your goal for a some time as a Christian mom. 

But in gap, it’s become unclear how to do that…

By getting clear on your values and commitments, you’ll be able to re-define your mom role for and make confident decisions for following through in your current stage of parenting. 

My free workshop, Re-Defining Success For Second Moms is designed to help you do just that. 

The next step after the workshop is to “get real” --
  • G. Discover how you are God-equipped for your unique mom role in your specific family;
  • E. Recognize that you are already an established success in your mom role;
  • T. Re-establish trust that’s grounded in truth;
  • R. Set realistic expectations of yourself & others both inside & outside of your family;
  • E. Establish personal boundaries that empower you to take back control of your life!
  • A. Learn about authentic modeling;
  • L. Make space for loving connections. 
This can happen for you inside my Success For Second Moms program designed to help my clients build confidence and skills that will help them know they are truly God Approved Parents and ultimately, successful as moms. To explore whether this program might be a fit for your needs, schedule your free Clarity Call today. 

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