Churches - we need you! Tips to Support Second Moms

How Churches Can Support Women who are Moms in Complex Families such as Adoptive Moms & Step-Moms

Just imagine…You're a mom, and you're not the child's first mom. They don’t automatically look to you as their home base, as “mom”.  You feel alone, unsupported, and like you don't quite fit in anywhere, and while your church has been an integral part of your life for years, you’re feeling less and less connected, less and less understood, less and less supported.
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4 Ways to Re-Build Self-Trust for 2nd Moms

Do you think of yourself as trustworthy?
On a scale of 1-10 where do you think you are? 
Where on that scale would you say most people would put you back before your child/children came along? 

In our complex adoptive and blended families trust can often be lacking from our non-biological children, not because we aren’t trustworthy, but due to their own backgrounds. And that can bleed over onto others.

Overcoming Feelings of Isolation as a Second Mom (video)


Overcoming Isolation & Finding Support for Yourself

Feeling isolated & unsupported?

 “It’s not just you!”

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