Yes! Second Moms 
are "Moms For Real"

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Hey there, 
I'm Dawn Baggett - and I want to introduce you 
to the Moms For Real MFR-Reset program
 designed to help adoptive moms, step-moms...
those of us who were not our child's first mom...
identify & overcome struggles that are specific to us 
and our complex families. 
How does that sound?
You were not your child's first mom...

Adoptive moms & Step-moms 

are not the only  "Moms For Real"...

...BUT second moms do often face some seemingly ordinary issues to a greater degree, as moms of children (and young adults) who had other mothers before them. And many times there are additional issues that are way beyond "ordinary"!

Since we weren’t their first moms, there is a lot we missed, a lot they missed, and a history made with another mom that lingers on, even if that other mom has long been absent. 

Some may seem like general mom issues, like maybe you're just blowing it out of proportion.  But they’re often experienced at a different level of intensity and family dynamics are affected. Mom-confidence is affected. Emotional stability is affected.  Moving forward becomes increasingly difficult. 

Do you ever feel like you have the inordinate task of 
repairing & building up broken trust 
that someone else previously broke in your child

Whatever the similarities or differences, 
this is what sets these mamas - you - apart. 

Even the most well-intentioned friends, family, and even professionals have a hard time recognizing the challenges that second moms often have. There are six phases of the family life cycle that have their own particular trouble spots for adoptive and blended families, and I am here to help you navigate these waters.

Why a  Wait List?

I only take a small number of clients at a time due to the intensive personal VIP Days coaching component of this program. 

I'll be happy to notify you of the next opening for the MFR-Reset program

I'll also send you my personal notes on Trauma Bonding in Adoptive Family Dynamic when you sign up for notifications.

Are you ready to get off 

the drama merry-go-round?

You're dizzy with the ongoing drama, gaslighting, blame and manipulation...

That's why you need to re-establish balance and stability for you, mom.

  • Learn how to disengage from unproductive conversations
  • Learn to use key negotiation techniques 
  • Learn how opt out of drama
  • Learn how & when to use collaborative problem solving with your most difficult family members and others
  • Learn how to release the pressure valve in your interactions with "that person"

You could take years to dig all this out piece by piece, 

and then put together a strategy of your own.

But why take all the extra time trying to do that when you could have access to someone who's been there and done that already?

I know you're overwhelmed, frustrated about the way things are going downhill with your most precious relationships, the lost opportunities, and possibly with your own health and stability.

Let's get this problem solved

 register for the 

MFR-Reset program wait list

it's as simple as that!

 And I'll let you know your next step

VIP Coaching Days - Part One
Featuring Pocket Coaching with Voxer

Through private coaching, featuring my new Pocket Coaching VIP Days
I offer personal, individualized support focused on moving into the future, 
your future, with a plan and purpose. 

With personal life experience in the effects of trauma and relational issues, plus my specialized training, my clients can count on a trauma-informed perspective and Biblical worldview for a safe, caring environment for you to explore your life circumstances objectively and confidentially. 

MFR-Reset Course - Part Two
Online Companion Course with Workbook
This MFR Course is designed specifically for those second moms as adoptive moms and step-moms and includes five modules including:

  • Module One: Reality check - Realistic expectations
  • Module Two: Clarity - Clearing up the confusion
  • Module Three: Establishing Stability
  • Module Four: Strengthening
  • Module Five: Confidence

Nothing else like it

You are an intelligent, competent and loving woman.  
You've been working on these issues but it feels so isolating.  
Perhaps you've tried support groups, books and even counseling. 
Now you're so very...tired. Exhausted. And (almost)...


But it doesn't have to be that way!

 There is definitely reason to hope!

I designed this program for the woman who is ready for change - yesterday! 

It is a two-part program: part course & part immersive coaching days with two VIP pocket coaching days where I'm literally coaching you throughout the day -- YOUR day -- not to tie you up for several hours in front of a screen or in an office, but there for you as you navigate your daily ins, outs, ups & downs.

About Me
An adoptive mom of four along with three biological children, I've made it through each of the various phases and learned some of the pitfalls first-hand of being second mom to four of my children. 
I experienced some of the confusion and chaos from unfamiliar behaviors and responses stemming from things like attachment issues and developmental traumas, effects of maternal substance abuse and disabilities. 
I've watched all my kids struggle with things their peers did not. 
 I've been in the pit of despair...but God held onto me and helped me hold onto him.  
I'm still on this journey.  It's still hard at times.  But I have learned and overcome so much.

Both an adoptive mom and a trauma informed coach - I'm honored to be able to offer the Moms For Real - Reset program which is part private coaching and part online course.  Don't worry, the course is relatable and the coaching involves something I call "Pocket Coaching", in which we use Voxer (an app that turns your phone into a virtual walkie talkie!) for two VIP Days of ongoing connections for step-by step coaching throughout your day.       

How's that for personalized support!?