Where does your legacy begin? . . .The title gave it away!  

The answer to the question for the latest podcast episode is this:  

Your Legacy Begins with Your Belief.  

I didn't mention "mindset" in this podcast episode, but I think it ties in.  

As I've gotten into the entrepreneur and marketing space, I've noticed a lot of talk about mindset.  You know it would kinda frustrate me sometimes when I was looking for practical how-to information.  Another thing that's frustrating with the mindset mantras is that a lot of it sounded hollow, vague, and even shallow or flat-out wrong.  Don't get me wrong, I do believe that mindset is important.  

But what is Mindset?  

And how does one change it?  

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I like this definition of mindset from Gary Klein, PhD from this article:  

"mindset is a belief that orients the way we handle situations—the way we sort out what is going on and what we should do" and "Mindsets aren’t just any beliefs. They are beliefs that orient our reactions and tendencies. They serve a number of cognitive functions. They let us frame situations: they direct our attention to the most important cues, so that we’re not overwhelmed with information."


Sophia Calheiros writes about changing your mindset (see here):

"Talking yourself into a new belief is hardly the way to go about it. We change our minds when we experience things differently. But to experience it, we first need to question the belief  (emphasis added) so that the doubt will make room for a new set of behaviors."
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I might add that the doubt makes way for either strengthening your belief, tweaking your belief, or replacing your belief.  And as we seek for truth, knowledge and understanding and wisdom we must be open to receiving - - even at the "expense" of challenging our current beliefs, even bringing unconscious beliefs to the surface.  
And by the way, if our beliefs are accurate, they can stand up to the challenge.  This I believe is the key to having a growth mindset or open mindset rather than a closed, fixed or stagnant mindset.  It's important to have a growth mindset while maintaining core values.   

Enjoy the podcast and let me know your thoughts!

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Where does my Legacy begin?

Welcome to the Legacy Living Today podcast!

I'm Dawn Baggett and I am so excited to have you join me here today where together, we can explore ways in which we can intentionally choose to break free from the tyranny of the urgent and apathy of the everyday to live legacy every day -- one day at a time!

This week's topic:
Where does my legacy begin?

What do you think of when you think of the word, legacy?

Do you think of inheritance of great sums of money or do you think of someone who is famous or well-known? This might be part of a someone’s legacy, but I think legacy means so much more than that!  

A legacy is evidence of a life well lived — at least a good legacy should be!  This doesn’t mean that you never make mistakes or that you’re perfect; of course not! Even some people who are well-known for their great legacies often have a less than stellar chapter of life.

There are many well-known legacy makers throughout history. In particular, there are many legacy makers documented In the Bible who give us examples of how we should or should not go about building our legacies.

In Hebrews 11 there’s this to say about Abel in verse 4:  “He speaks even though he is dead.”
Your legacy is what your life tells others, even after you’re no longer there to tell about it personally.  

Here’s the full verse from Hebrews 11 (known as the Hall of Faith):

"Abel had faith. So he offered to God a better sacrifice than Cain did . Because of his faith, Abel was praised as a godly man. God said good things about his offerings. Because of his faith Abel still speaks. He speaks even though he is dead.”

Abel’s is a Legacy of Faith.  This whole chapter is a list from the Old Testament of Biblical Legacy Makers whose legacy of faith still impacts people today!

So Legacy is going to be more of how you live out your life in ways that matter for the here and now -- plus that leave a lasting impact into the future.

Another aspect of building your legacy is that it is not just making a name for oneself.

A great legacy is more about affecting others in good and lasting ways, either by example or because of some good that provides ongoing help or benefits to other people that outlive the legacy-maker.

Let’s narrow it down and look at a few of the women but certainly we learn from the examples of men and even some children and of course, our greatest biblical example is Jesus.  But let’s look at just 2-3 women here.

Remember the story of Moses? Well think about his mom.  
Verse 23 of this chapter, the hall of Faith Hebrews 11, says this:  

“Moses' parents had faith. So they hid him for three months after he was born. They saw he was a special child. They were not afraid of the kings' command.”

You remember the kings' command to the midwives that the Hebrew's babies would be killed! If you’re familiar with this story, think about Moses’ sister - the young girl who secretly watched over baby Moses when he was floating in the basket on the river; when the King, the pharaoh’s daughter and her maidens came to the river and found baby Moses, this brave slave girl approached them and offered to get someone (who turned out to be Moses‘s mother) to nurse the child so that he wouldn’t die!
And think about the midwives  - women who chose to defy the royal order and not kill the Hebrew babies!  All of these women were legacy makers in their lifetimes.

I challenge you to go back and read Hebrews 11, and then read the full story about one or two of those mentioned, like Rahab the prostitute (hint: prostitution is NOT her claim to fame).  

Do you want to build a legacy with your life? According to verse 6 of the same chapter it starts here, let me read:

“ Without faith it is impossible to please God.  Those who come to God must believe that he exists.  And they must believe that he rewards those who look to him.”
So  - YOUR Legacy of Faith begins NOT with the doing, but with BELIEF. 

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Not only does our legacy begin with belief, but so does our mindset.  Are there limiting beliefs that you might need to question and challenge? 
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