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This Bonus Episode is a bit different with a different format than previous episodes.  Also, I went back and added a heads up in the intro about the cats heard in the background after I noticed upon listening that it could be distressing to hear if you don't have cats or recognize what's going on.  Our orange cat named "Orange" can be very talkative at times. (Two guesses what our gray cat's name is . . .)  I'm thinking she'd decided it was a good time to eat even though it was an hour or so before feeding time.  

Anyway, in this episode I introduced you to a fictional character whom you may relate to.  Read about her in my podcast notes below.


This mom is struggling to decipher all the messages coming at her to figure out how to feed and house her crew safely!  She doesn't have the time and mental energy to do it all and thinks she shouldn't have to have a college degree to be able to shop for her family to avoid the stuff that's dangerous to them.


Confusion and overwhelm over product safety when it comes to toxic ingredients have a chokehold on her.
Who wants to stand in the grocery aisle reading labels all day? And still come away confused and less than clear on what products are safe?!

She is feeling overwhelmed and defeated, like she should know how to do this.

There must be an easier way! 

No one should have to get a college degree (or second one!) to know how to feed and house their family safely!  And it shouldn't be a full time job to shop safely for your family. 

While shopping for food, personal and household products is a necessity, it shouldn't take over your life!  But it is important to have safe options and be able to know what those are with relative certainty. 

I've done so much research and spent so many hours and found it is very overwhelming.  But I know not everyone is able to put that much time into doing it.  I recognize there are many conflicting messages and it can be hard to discern what's what, even having been trained in legal research. 


  1. Step one is to assess where your top needs are 
  2. step two is to plan how to address those.  
  3. Step Three is to continue learning about ways you can access better, safer products; avoid harmful toxic products and ingredients, and find out how others are doing it all while supporting your and your family's needs to break free from toxic overload.

As a product customer you'll have free access to my Low-Tox Living Corner.  So you won't be left to figure it all out on your own.  Changing habits can be hard.  Learning new ways of doing things can take time.  Convincing our families to change . . . well, that's an ongoing process for me, lol! 

Your first step (to become a product customer and also get access to the new LTLC (Low-Tox Living Corner) is to swap out your most toxic household items with our value priced household starter bundle.  

Learn more about the Household Starter Bundle and why you want it HERE.


You'll be well on your way to transforming your household away from toxic chemicals found in common cleaners and household products  -- at a substantial savings!  In the LTLC you'll learn & get inspiration from others who are also living the low-tox healthy lifestyle!  You'll soon be excited to feel better, look better, have more energy to do the fun things you've been missing!  

Don't waste another minute afraid of the chemicals in your family's everyday products or getting frustrated over products that were "greenwashed" and looked safe, only later to find they have the same toxic chemical ingredients you were trying to avoid.


Just like our fictional lady I introduced you to earlier, you CAN go from: 
Overwhelmed, confused, frustrated and tired of trying to wrap your brain around it all like climbing a mountain;

To: Clear, confident and feeling great on top of that mountain!


Connect with me for a conversation about your next step or do your Wellness Assessment if you're needing a bit more info on getting a personal plan to break free from toxic overload.  

My challenge to you is this:  
Let's choose to live legacy -- everyday -- one day at a time!

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