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Folks have been working on behalf of oppressed Afghan women long before the recent events took place and many are committed to continue working on behalf of the Afghan people who are in country as well as those refugees who've fled.  I was pleased to learn that the Young Living Foundation already has in place a partnership whereby Afghan women are being assisted.
Peppermint & Peace Essential Oils & Cork Bag Collection
Store your favorite essential oils and other essentials with the Peppermint and Peace Oil Bag Collection, which includes an artisan-crafted bag and two bottles of favorite essential oils, Peace & Calming® essential oil blend and Peppermint essential oil. This exquisite bag is made of cork that is 100 percent natural, stain resistant, water repellent, and scratch proof. Completely renewable and sustainable, the cork comes from the bark of a cork oak tree, which can live up to 200 years. This harvesting process actually supports cork trees’ longevity and encourages CO2 absorption. Each bag is lined and has special spots for up to four 5 ml essential oil bottles or roll-on bottles. 

Empower Afghan Women Refugees
Proceeds from this oil bag are donated directly to the Young Living Foundation to champion education, develop enterprise, and end exploitation. These bags are handmade by the all-female artisan group Free Women. This group employs women from Afghanistan who have fled oppression, conflict, and abusive environments to relocate to Salt Lake City, Utah. As refugees, these women are working hard to provide for their children. A grant from the Young Living Foundation helped Free Women acquire much-needed equipment to improve their ability to earn an income and build an income to become truly free women. Ordering this collection makes you a part of their success! 

Click the link here for more details and then go get your own Peppermint & Peace Collection.

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