(--) Navigating Personal Temptations
Navigating Personal Temptations

Welcome to the rerouting harmful influences series on Legacy Living TODAY with Dawn Baggett, that’s me. 

In this episode the topic is navigating personal temptation

Key Verse: 1 Corinthians 10:13DAE89FVm0jA

Of course we all have them. We all have Temptations. And of course they tend to come at the least optimal times for us. 

Under Stress
One of those times is when you or I are under a great deal of stress. We can’t always get away from stress of course. But if you’re living in a state of continually high stress it can have a host of negative harmful effects on you. Do you have a plan in place and are you taking the steps to address your high, ongoing stress?

Another time that temptations might likely attack would be any time that we have our guard down. I’ll address some things in this regard in upcoming episodes of this series. 

Feeling unsafe can put us in reaction mode, and override our normal self-control functions.

In other words, then, temptations tend to come when we are least equipped and/or least expecting them. So what can we do about expecting and equipping ourselves against personal temptation?

 First, when talking about temptations, they can be big ones, little ones, in between ones… they’re all going to be things that would divert us from our path. As a Christian, at the word “temptation” my mind automatically goes to something against God’s law, like breaking the “10 Commandments” or against my values or principles of my faith. But let’s recognize that it can also be something as simple as something that threatens to derail you. 

You set some parameters and boundaries and and then you’re tempted to go different direction, not fulfill your commitment to yourself, to someone else, to God — whatever your commitment is, whatever you have determined is going to be your path,  a temptation is something that entices you to take an unnecessary detour off your chosen path. 

Clear commitments
When you have those temptations come up, it’s a whole lot easier to deal with them and to address them effectively when you are clear on what your commitment is so that’s the first bit of advice is to get really really clear on what your commitment is and so that’s one way that we can be prepared anytime for personal Temptations that may come our way.  Stressed or not, you are clear on your commitments. 

Prayer Practice
Next after being very clear on what your personal commitments are is to develop an ongoing practice of prayer, and I’m sure you pray about things but when something comes up and it’s a surprise it’s it’s caught you off guard it’s you may or may not be in a state of mind to pray at that moment. I think developing a habit and a practice of consistent, ongoing prayer is truly a key — at least it is in my life — and in having that practice of prayers in place, as part of who I am, I’m more likely to go ahead and pray right away or to be aware of God’s voice speaking to me when temptation comes my way. 

Attention to Exits
Also as to sin, God promises a way out. We can expect temptation and along with that, expect a way out, look for it, ask where’s the way out, what’s the other choice, what other opportunities do I have, ask yourself these questions with the intention and the purpose of finding the way out. Watch for your exit.

Know that whatever the temptation is, there is a way out! And it’s up to us to be aware and expect those ways out and to look for them and take advantage of them in order to avoid the temptations. 

Active Pre-Planning
Active planning to avoid personal Temptations is some thing that we can put into practice.  Some temptations are recurring. Some are where we are weak or immature. Some are more likely due to the situation. These are ones we can prepare ahead for with things like with prayer, topical Bible study, small group support, and mentoring that may be informal or through counseling or coaching.

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