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God’s plans for you 

are good! 

Jeremiah 29:11 NIV —
“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

When the challenges of your dysfunctional adoptive or blended family are more than you can handle on your own, it’s not the time to give up in defeat…But it might be time for a change.

Hi I’m Dawn
Your personal post-adoption support strategist!
Are you an adoptive mom feeling the weight of unmet needs and unreliable support within your current circle? 

I understand the unique challenges you face and want to extend a hand of compassion and real, tangible assistance. My private post-adoption coaching is designed specifically for dedicated mothers like you, seeking the exact support that no one else has been able or willing to provide. 

Discover how personalized coaching can fill the gap, empower your journey, and bring the genuine understanding and help you deserve. Let's walk this path together, with faith and hope.

Why should you hire me as your post adoption coach?
Standing in the GAP for Second Moms through podcasting & coaching from a trauma informed, Biblical perspective — is my mission after having found myself in the gap, trying to find my footing and hold on while my family and world had turned upside down & inside out! 

I know what it’s like to have your support evaporate, to run up against brick walls over & over, to have “experts” make things even worse. I can relate to being falsely accused and feeling unfairly judged as a parent.  I know how painful it is to pour love into someone who won’t or can’t return it. 

I also know how good it feels when you receive healing for your broken heart, see progress where it was so illusive, and get the needed support that helps you make pivotal changes for yourself & family members, to find your solid footing again. 

And I know something about helping you find your footing  and supporting you through the gap in your post adoption journey. 

Ready for Real Support?

Take the first step to discover the difference post adoption coaching can make in your life.

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Planting Seeds of Growth in Your Adoptive Family

Have you ever wondered how a tiny seed, when planted in the right environment, receives nurturing care, and is given time to grow, can blossom into a beautiful plant? 

This natural process mirrors the journey many adoptive families embark upon. In the garden of family life, each member is both a gardener and a budding plant, contributing to and benefiting from the nurturing environment of the family. But as with any garden, there are obstacles along the way.


Nurturing Connections: Planting Seeds of Learning for Adoptive Moms


Are you frustrated & feeling defeated because your adopted daughter won’t let you teach her anything? 
Or your son always insists he already knows whatever you’re about to tell him?

Today’s topic is:
Fostering a positive learning environment for adoptive moms with severely attachment-challenged children or teens.

As moms we want to teach, train & influence our child/children for good.  We know that attachment challenges affect learning and behavior in children and teens. 
This can create a looming gap between all we’d otherwise be able to teach our children and what they’ll actually be receptive to.

Presence of Trauma Effects Despite Lack of Memory

If your adopted child has no memories or very limited memories about their life prior to coming to live with you, does that mean that any trauma they suffered has no effect because they don't remember any of it? 
Let's find out.

This episode of 2nd Moms Circle for Christian Adoptive Moms is a bonus Tuesday Trauma Tip. I'm Dawn Baggett, your host and post-adoption mom coach. Understand that I am not a doctor or a therapist, and nothing in this podcast content is offered as medical or mental health diagnoses, treatment, or cure.
That said, it's my goal to keep these bonus episodes short. So, here's your trauma tip for today:

Today's Tuesday Trauma Tip

Do not rely on what a child explicitly remembers to judge whether some past experience or trauma affects them in the present. 

Just because they were “too young to remember” or can't recall prior early childhood, or even pre-birth traumas, it doesn't mean that a child isn't affected and doesn't have lingering effects of an earlier trauma.

I wonder how understanding this Tuesday Trauma Tip can help you today in interacting with your child, your teen, or even your young adult who may have been affected by early childhood trauma.

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And as always, 

“Dawn’s gentle, personable voice and nature combined with experience bring a podcast with empathy and actionable steps. Her ability to speak to the heart and offer encouragement and hope are a must listen.” 

- The Do Over Mom -

“Dawn…that’s exactly what I needed to hear..,thank you!”

- Anonymous -

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