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Today, I'm sharing a Tuesday Trauma Tip. Our Trauma Tips on Tuesdays are going to be shorter episodes. That's the plan in between our regular episodes that come out later in the week.

So for today's Tuesday Trauma Tip, let's just dive in. Attachment begins before birth. Assaults from drugs, alcohol, nutritional deficits, physical trauma, and emotional trauma, all kinds of these things can and do affect the preborn child.

brain growth before & after  age three

80 to 85% of the brain is developed by age three. So in many cases, your adopted child or children did not even come into your world until after this age. Now, after the time of rapid development, the brain still retains some plasticity.

Plasticity meaning that it can still be changed, and it can still grow new pathways. And progress or change can still be made. A child's upper brain actually continues to develop, albeit at a slower pace, throughout childhood.

This brain region, the upper brain, controls reason, impulse control, empathy, memory, and decision making. So you can understand why these areas from 
this upper brain region are so important in just the development and the functionality of your child for their life, for their entire life. While this can be frustrating for us as parents, this knowledge that I just went over, it can also be encouraging to know that there is still room for progress.

How does knowing this information help you to meet your child where they are now, while also simultaneously holding space for growth in these important areas? 

Message me or hop over into the Facebook group, and let's continue this discussion over there. Thanks for listening, and I hope this gave you something to think on and reflect on in today's Tuesday Trauma Tip.

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