Are you frustrated & feeling defeated because your adopted daughter won’t let you teach her anything? 
Or your son always insists he already knows whatever you’re about to tell him?

Today’s topic is:
Fostering a positive learning environment for adoptive moms with severely attachment-challenged children or teens.

As moms we want to teach, train & influence our child/children for good.  We know that attachment challenges affect learning and behavior in children and teens. 
This can create a looming gap between all we’d otherwise be able to teach our children and what they’ll actually be receptive to. 

The role of patience and understanding in bridging the gap is huge.  But then what can you do about it?

Introducing the Power of Indirect Learning!

The concept of indirect learning is something you may already be familiar with.  But do you also know it can be more effective than direct instruction for children with attachment challenges?

Some terrific examples of indirect learning methods include:
• storytelling, 
• project-based learning, and 
• interest-led activities. 

You likely naturally use some of these learning methods already in your home. After today’s episode you may decide to lean into them even more. 


The importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment that encourages curiosity and exploration cannot be overlooked. As you know “safety first” is my oft repeated mantra and that includes real safety for everyone in the household including you mom. It also includes felt safety. 

Speaking of safety… 
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Interest-Led Activities

Back to indirect learning methods. Let’s look a little deeper at one of the ones already mentioned — interest-led activities. 

You’ll first want to identify your child's interests and then brainstorm how to use them as a gateway for learning.

Back when we were homeschooling unit studies were one way I found to incorporate interest-led learning in a structured way. 

There were prepared unit study guides available on a variety of high interest topics such as horses and space. It’s also totally do-able to build out a complete unit study DIY style too. 

Whether you homeschool or not, I caution against trying to milk your kid’s topic of interest too much…extrapolating every last ounce of any and every learning objective that’s remotely related. That’s a pretty good way to zap the fun and make their interest in the topic dry right up.  If it’s a deep and lasting interest they’ll be more self-propelled anyway. 

Strategic & Creative Planning

Get creative with strategies to introduce learning opportunities in everyday activities without it feeling like instruction.

Point them in the direction to find more information.  Introduce them to experts in the field (either in person if possible or virtually through videos, books, podcasts).

Indirect learning methods may take some creativity and thinking outside of the box. It may help to think of yourself more as a facilitator. 

Do you think it could help you and your child or teen if you could facilitate more indirect learning opportunities? As always, we can continue the discussion in the Facebook group, Circle of Second Moms for Christian Adoptive Moms . 

Be sure to watch for and listen to the next episode in this series about seeds of growth. 

And as always, 


Dawn T. Baggett
Post Adoption (Mom) Coach 


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