Have you ever wondered how a tiny seed, when planted in the right environment, receives nurturing care, and is given time to grow, can blossom into a beautiful plant? 

This natural process mirrors the journey many adoptive families embark upon. In the garden of family life, each member is both a gardener and a budding plant, contributing to and benefiting from the nurturing environment of the family. But as with any garden, there are obstacles along the way.

Roadblocks to Growth in Adoptive Families

Every family's journey is unique, yet many adoptive families encounter similar challenges as they navigate their paths to growth and harmony. Recognizing these roadblocks is the first step toward overcoming them:

- Identity and Belonging: Children in adoptive families may struggle with questions about who they are and where they belong. This can impact them in various ways, sometimes resulting in feelings of abandonment or confusion about their identity. It might surprise you that even biological children with adopted siblings may also struggle with fractured feelings of belonging. 

- Attachment Issues: Developing a secure attachment can be an enormous challenge for some adopted children, particularly if they have experienced trauma or loss in their early lives. This can significantly affect trust and relationships both inside and outside of the family .

- Cultural or Racial Discrepancies: For families that are multicultural or where the child's race is different from the adoptive parents, there can be additional complexities around cultural identity and experiences of racism or discrimination.

- Dealing with Trauma: Many adopted children come from backgrounds of trauma, which can impact their emotional and psychological development. Understanding and addressing these issues is critical for healing and growth.

These are a few of the possible obstacles to planting seeds of growth. What other obstacles would you add?

Accelerating Growth Through Post-Adoption Coaching

Just as a young seedling benefits from the steady hand of a gardener, families can thrive with guidance and support tailored to their specific needs. Post-adoption coaching from a Biblical perspective can be an invaluable resource for families (specifically mothers in my case) who who want to navigate the complexities of adoption in a way that aligns with their Christian faith values. Here’s how coaching may help you:

- Strengthen Family Bonds: Through coaching clients are provided success strategies for building stronger, healthier relationships within the family, based on principles of love, understanding, and patience. 

- Navigating Challenges with Faith: I integrate the principles and values of my Christian faith into the journey, providing clients with a solid foundation to face difficulties. This approach fosters resilience and hope, empowering them to navigate their unique paths with strength and confidence that aligns with their own beliefs and values.

- Healing and Forgiveness: A faith-based approach to post-adoption coaching can open pathways for healing and forgiveness, addressing the deep-seated issues that may be holding your family members back from fully embracing each other.

- Personal and Spiritual Growth: Coaching can not only assist you in addressing immediate family challenges but also support personal and spiritual growth, helping my clients to fulfill their God-given potential.

As a life coach who specializes in post-adoption coaching from a Biblical perspective, I believe in the power of faith to transform lives and relationships. If you're an adoptive mom looking to plant seeds of growth a nurture them into a flourishing garden, I invite you to explore how coaching can support you in your journey. 

Remember, the process of growth takes time, patience, and plenty of faith-poured love. With the right support and guidance, you can cultivate an environment grounded in the values of your Christian faith to facilitate growth. 

And as always, 


Dawn T. Baggett
Post Adoption (Mom) Coach 


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